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Tool - Ænima

Tool Aenima album cover


Genre Junkies: Progressive Rock, Progressive Metal
Release Date: 1996
Hometown: Los Angeles, California, USA
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When to Listen?
Hard day at work with your boss pissing you off.
Annoyed escapism.


Tool have been described by Maynard Keenan their vocalist as a band that is just like a tool in a shed, to be used by the bearer in whatever fashion they see fit. The listener should ascertain and apply their own experiences to the music and each will individually get something unique out of the music.
Now this sounds like a load of crap but it plays well into the type of atmospheric music they create. When Maynard goes from a plodding melody into an uncontrolled rage you are never quite sure of the message. The charm is in the deciphering.

Tool are seen by some as the driving force of progressive rock and this is their shiny beacon. Ænima combines everything that is fantastic about Tool in one album that comes in at 16 tracks of radtastic progressive metal goodness. The theme is dark yet determined. Two sides to a very complex beast that is Ænima. One is restrained vocals exploding in fury with mechanically churning guitars, thundering drums and weird and warped time signatures, while the other is ambient social one way dialogues about the face of America and the place of drugs in our society. This album sets out to explore vast and complex themes while telling the listener nothing. Have a listen to the lyrics of Ænima track 14. Sounds stupid but after consuming Ænima you will find yourself struggling and longing to understand the hidden meanings of this masterpiece.

Once you listen to this album a few times you will find that you keep reaching for the volume dial while your carefactor for the neighbours getting annoyed rapidly approaches zero.


1. Stinkfist 5:11
2.Eulogy 8:28
3. H. 6:07 (hover for more info)
4. Useful Idiot 0:39
5. Forty Six & 2 6:02
6. Message to Harry Manback 1:53
7. Hooker with a Penis 4:33
8. Intermission 0:56
9. jimmy 5:24
10. Die Eier von Satan 2:17
11. Pushit 9:55
12. Cesaro Summability 1:26
13. Ænema 6:39
14. (-) Ions 4:00
15. Third Eye 13:47

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