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Silverchair - Frogstomp


Genre Junkies: Alternative Rock, Grunge, Post-grunge, Art Rock
Release Date: 1995
Hometown: Newcastle, Australia
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When to Listen?
Down hill mountain biking, skiing or snowboarding, any extreme activity that's fast and has the possibility of being brutal.


Silverchair fans are usually found arguing over the rating of this album and the bands lead Daniel Johns hasn't helped the situation by openly stating he isn't a fan of Frogstomp anymore, however we of the Empire give the album a big tick of approval.
It’s very raw but still very clean and well composed. It's very easy to forget that the three Silverchair guys were 15 and still attending high school when they recorded the album. Although you can hear a lot of 90’s era rock, grunge and metal influence, you can also hear a lot of 80’s, 70’s and even 60’s rock/metal thrown in. Its familiar, but incredibly unique all at the same time.
You can easily listen cover to cover and enjoy every track. Its certainly best played loud, but even if you have it down low it will still get you pumping.
I don't usually get into into lyrics and their meaning, If I don't get the meaning straight away I’m happy to remain lyrically blind, but Frogstomp is quite interesting and deep.
It’s metallic rocking fun, energetic and worth having in every good music collection. And their age, 15! Still attending high school. Blows my mind.
Note: Even though the badge states they were selected on Unearthed, Silverchair were selected in a contest called Pick Me on Triple JJJ.


Israel's Son - 5:18(hover for more info)
Tomorrow - 4:26
Faultline - 4:19
Pure Massacre - 4:58
Shade - 4:01
Leave Me Out - 3:03
Suicidal Dream - 3:12
Madman - 2:43
Undecided - 4:36
Cicada - 5:10
Findaway - 2:56

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