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Sigur Rós - ( )


Genre Junkies: Post Rock, Ambient
Release Date: 2002
Hometown: Reykjavik, Iceland
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When to Listen?
When you feel like a loner, as if you are the only person in the world.


This is a very unique album. Sigur Ros’s (pronounced see-rur rowss) third album is a beautiful mix of ambient post rock. When creating the album they chose to not give it a name. Because that didn’t work with record companies computers they gave it the name ( ).
This is an album that is enjoyed to its’ fullest when listened to in it’s entirety. It has ghostly undertones, haunting piano and the ability to make you lose yourself in your own thoughts. This is an introverts album. Each song seems to ebb and flow into each other creating one dynamic changing sound scape. This album has the ability to bring one to tears.
The lyrics on this album are all sung in “Hopelandic” or “vonisenska” which is vocalisations that have no direct meaning, only resemble words of the Icelandic language. The idea was that the listener would come up with their own interpretation of what is being said. In the album’s booklet it has blank lines so that the listener can write their own words in.
If you’re going to listen to one post rock album or have no bloody idea what I'm talking about do yourself a favour and listen to this album.


1. untitled #1 - 6:38
2. untitled #2 - 7:33
3. untitled #3 - 6:33
4. untitled #4 - 6:57 (hover for more info)
5. untitled #5 - 9:57
6. untitled #6 - 8:48
7. untitled #7 - 12:52
8. untitled #8 - 11:43

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