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Seekae - The Sound Of Trees Falling On People


Genre Junkies: Experimental electronica, Ambient, Glitch, Chill out.
Release Date: 2008
Hometown: Sydney
Learn More: Seekae Homepage

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Listened to a lot of electronica and want something a bit different? Seekae are pumping out some of the best experimental glitch electronica around. Their sound is bordering on post rock in the way they layer and sound stage their music. Think slow simple samples laced with down low bass beat and 8 bit inspired glitches. 8 bit is the sound that used to come out of your Sega Megadrive or Nintendo. Think Mario collecting his coins.
You won’t find many vocals on here, it is mostly different samples all layered on top of each other. Imagine a computer woke up one morning with a soul. This is the type of music it would make. It is imaginative, soulful, technical and at times nearly industrial in it’s beat.
These guys ARE the late night album choice.


1. Yurai - 4:23
2. Void - 3:57
3. Stampede - 5:37
4. Crooks - 5:52
5. 4LB - 2:47
6. Wool (ft Ivan Vizintin) - 3:09 (hover for more info)
7. Long Time Fish Pie -3:44
8. My Sun - 2:24
9. Halley Wars - 2:14
10. Borg - 5:06
11. John Duncan - 9:14
12. Void (Reprise) - 1:47
13. Herodotus - 6:02
14. Centaur - 2:00
15. Snax - 2:58
16. Snow Spectrum - 4:52
17. Keep Glowing - 5:29
18. Forest Fire - 2:11

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Buy off: Rice is Seekae's record company
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