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Nightmares on Wax - In a Space Outta Sound


Genre Junkies: Downtempo, Electronic Music, Chillout Music,
Hip Hop.
Release Date: 2006
Hometown: Leeds UK
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When to Listen?

Lazy afternoon
Chilled, relaxed, happy mood. Some excess energy.


Nightmares on Wax dish up some chilled out samples and beats that will put anyone in the mood. An album that style comes to naturally. A great summer album. Sit back in the hammock with a cold beer, put some headphones on and enjoy some of the best chillout music ever to be made this side of Pluto (hey just because he isn't a planet anymore doesn't mean he still isn't cool).


1. Passion – 7:00
2. The Sweetest – 5:24
3. Flip Ya Lid – 5:24
4. Pudpots – 3:42
5. Damn – 7:38
6. You Wish – 3:30 (hover for more info)
7. Deepdown – 6:19
8. Chime Out – 1:08
9. Me! – 5:56
10. I Am You – 6:42
11. Soul Purpose – 3:50
12. African Pirates – 6:25

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