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Massive Attack - Mezzanine


Genre Junkies:Trip Hop, Electronic
Release Date: 1998
Hometown: Bristol, UK
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Trip hop titans Massive Attack have truly mastered how to deliver intriguing and everlasting beats with the album Mezzanine. The album opens with a unique, deep bass, low-tempo track; coupled with Horace Andy’s eerie reverberating vocals, “Angel” truly sets the dark mood of this powerful album.

As we progress through the album, a notable track is most definitely “Teardrop”, featuring gentle yet delivering vocals by Elizabeth Fraser. The track can be visualised as a delicate flower, a flower that slowly unravels and opens; the subliminal sounds, scratches and shakers that Massive Attack gradually implement give “Teardrop” concise depth. A truly beautiful song.

Mezzanine comprises of a wide range of instruments to deliver its unique range of emotions, compilations of orchestral strings, harsh guitar riffs and piano with the refined vocal collaborations of 3D, Daddy G, Horace Andy, Sarah Jay and Elizabeth Fraser, Mezzanine checks all the boxes in one of the best Trip hop albums of all time.

Welcome to the dark side of Trip hop.


1. Angel - 6:18
2. Risingson - 4:58
3. Teardrop - 5:29 (hover for more info)
4. Intertia Creeps - 5:56
5. Exchange - 4:11
6. Dissolved Girl - 6:07
7. Man Next Door - 5:55
8. Black Milk - 6:20
9. Mezzanine - 5:54
10. Group Four - 8:13
11. (Exchange) - 4:08

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