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Gotye - Like Drawing Blood


Genre Junkies:Electronic, Chillout
Release Date: 2006
Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
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When to Listen?
Road tripping with mates
Friends over for drinks or chilling
Entertaining background music


Wally De Baker, running by codename Gotye (pronounced Gor Ti Yea); solo drummer with a fist full of MIDIs, sounds and instruments has produced a vivid array of tunes for Like Drawing Blood. The album contains various samples from a plethora of instruments and sounds, all of which are uniquely stitched together with layered vocals by Wally himself.
As we progress through the album, each track resembles a series of different tempos and the mixing of genres consisting of electronic, instrumental, jazz and a bit of pop on the side. Low tempo tracks such as Heart’s A Mess immerses the listener with emotional responses, cueing a reflective mood. Then you also have tracks such as Learnalilgivinanlovin that really drives that jazzy upbeat tempo right to your dancing (or tapping) feet.
The construction of the album as described by Wally was “like drawing blood” as he, at the time, was recording the album in various houses and rooms throughout Melbourne and specifically, Wally’s own lounge room. This unique recording style by Gotye is beneficial nonetheless as it adds a sense of warmth to the entire album, something that cannot be achieved in acoustically sound (pun intended) record studios.


Like Drawing Blood - 0:21
The Only Way - 4:44
Hearts a Mess - 6:05(hover for more info)
Coming Back - 6:00
Thanks for Your Time - 4:20
Learnalilgivinanlovin - 2:49
Puzzle with a Piece Missing - 5:40
Seven Hours with a Backseat Driver - 4:43
The Only Thing I Know - 7:03
Night Drive - 5:11
Worn Out Blues - 0:38

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