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Frank Sinatra - In the Wee Small Hours


Genre Junkies: Jazz, Easy Listening
Release Date: 1955
Hometown: Los Angeles, California, USA
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When to Listen?
The ultimate breakup album.
Middle of winter, it s raining outside and your not feeling the greatest... or your grandma is around lol.


Think Sinatra is someone your crazy grandma and no-one actually listens to anymore? Shame on you! Frank Sinatra's heartfull sounds ring as true now as they did in 1955. A true master of mood indigo to use his own words. This album is a fair bit different to his other records, all 59 of them! Gone is the finger clicking goodness, replaced by a lone man with a broken heart. His soulful sadness lays itself bare all over this album. You can feel his loss as he tries to shrug off the loss of a loved one.
Pick this album up, put it on the record player, sit back and be transported back to 1955 :)

This also has a special place in history because it kicked off the album era. Long live the album era, with a swift death to the single!


1. In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning – 3:00 (hover for more info)
2. Mood Indigo – 3:30
3. Glad to Be Unhappy – 2:35
4. I Get Along Without You Very Well – 3:42
5. Deep in a Dream – 2:49
6. I See Your Face Before Me – 3:24
7. Can't We Be Friends? – 2:48
8. When Your Lover Has Gone – 3:10
9. What Is This Thing Called Love? – 2:35
10. Last Night When We Were Young – 3:17
11. I'll Be Around – 2:59
12. Ill Wind – 3:46
13. It Never Entered My Mind – 2:42
14. Dancing on the Ceiling – 2:57
15. I'll Never Be the Same – 3:05
16. This Love of Mine – 3:33

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RIP, Frank Sinatra died in 1998.


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