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Crystal Castles- Crystal Castles (II)


Genre Junkies:Electronica, Experimental
Release Date: 2010
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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When to Listen?
¾ through a multi day bender, this album will keep you up at 7am still whizzing off those bangers you had hours before.
Or you are a techno fiend who grew some balls and wanted to listen to something heavier.


Rock & Roll had sex with a computer. Some people will call this dance music. You can definitely dance to this but to label it in that way misses the point. It is experimental electronica. WTF does that mean? A band that can kick you in the balls. Hard hitting static guitars and punchy bass lines. Great album to piss off the parentals. It’s just noise they will say especially on “Doe Deer”. Vocals are noisy, brash and fast; frantic and at times coma inducing. Crystal Castles have tailored a sound of their own that is hard hitting, in your face, no bars hold hardcore electronic 8 bit at it’s best. The low production or polish of the album adds to the feeling you’re listening to something unique, something other people haven't heard, a slice of underground. This imagery works really well for Crystal Castles. Pioneers of what dance music should be like.
Music that changes between “fuck you I won’t do what you tell me” metal attributes to orgasmic highs that techno is known for, to give us a hug feel good easy listening.
Listen to this album and regain the pride you lost from listening to pussy techno.


1. Fainting Spells - 2:44
2. Celestica - 3:48 (hover for more info)
3. Doe Deer - 1:38
4. Baptism - 4:13
5. Year of Silence - 4:54
6. Empathy - 4:11
7. Suffocation - 4:02
8. Violent Dreams - 4:35
9. Vietnam - 5:08
10. Birds - 2:31
11. Pap Smear - 3:43
12. Not in Love - 3:33
13. Intimate - 4:45
14. I Am Made of Chalk - 3:09

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