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Frank Sinatra - In the Wee Small Hours

Think Sinatra is someone your crazy grandma and no-one actually listens to anymore? Shame on you! Frank Sinatra s heartfull sounds ring as true now as they did in 1954. A true master of mood indigo to use his own words. This album is fair bit different to his other records, all 59 of them! Gone is the finger clicking goodness, replaced by a lone man with a broken heart. His soulful sadness lays itself bare all over this album. You can feel his loss as he tries to shrug off the loss of a loved one.
Pick this album up, put it on the record player, sit back and be transported back to 1954...

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Nightmares on Wax - In a Space Outta Sound

Nightmares on Wax dish up some chilled out samples and beats that will put anyone in the mood. An album that style comes to naturally. A great summer album. Sit back in the hammock with a cold beer, put some headphones on and enjoy some of the best chillout music ever to be made this side of Pluto (hey just because he isn't a planet anymore doesn't mean he still isn't kool).

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