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Silverchair - Frogstomp

Silverchair fans are usually found arguing over the rating of this album and the bands lead Daniel Johns hasn't helped the situation by openly stating he isn't a fan of Frogstomp anymore, however we of the Empire give the album a big tick of approval.
It’s very raw but still very clean and well composed. It's very easy to forget that the three Silverchair guys were 15 and still attending high school when they recorded the album. Although you can hear a lot of 90’s era rock, grunge and metal influence, you can also hear a lot of 80’s, 70’s and even 60’s rock/metal thrown in. Its familiar, but incredibly unique all at the same time.
You can easily listen cover to cover and enjoy every track. Its certainly best played loud, but even if you have it down low it will still get you pumping.
I don't usually get into into lyrics and their meaning...

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Gotye - Like Drawing Blood

Wally De Baker, running by codename Gotye (pronounced Gor Ti Yea); solo drummer with a fist full of MIDIs, sounds and instruments has produced a vivid array of tunes for Like Drawing Blood. The album contains various samples from a plethora of instruments and sounds, all of which are uniquely stitched together with layered vocals by Wally himself.
As we progress through the album, each track resembles a series of different tempos and the mixing of genres consisting of electronic, instrumental, jazz and a bit of pop on the side. Low tempo tracks such as Heart’s A Mess immerses the listener with emotional responses, cueing a reflective mood.Then you also have tracks such as Learnalilgivinanlovin that really drives that jazzy upbeat tempo right to your dancing (or tapping) feet...

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Massive Attack - Mezzanine

Trip hop titans Massive Attack have truly mastered how to deliver intriguing and everlasting beats with the album Mezzanine. The album opens with a unique, deep bass, low-tempo track; coupled with Horace Andy’s eerie reverberating vocals, “Angel” truly sets the dark mood of this powerful album.
As we progress through the album, a notable track is most definitely “Teardrop”, featuring gentle yet delivering vocals by Elizabeth Fraser. The track can be visualised as a delicate flower, a flower that slowly unravels and opens; the subliminal sounds, scratches and shakers that Massive Attack gradually implement give “Teardrop” concise depth. A truly beautiful song.
Mezzanine comprises of a wide range of instruments to deliver its unique range of emotions, compilations of orchestral strings...

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Crystal Castles- Crystal Castles (II)

¾ through a multi day bender, this album will keep you up at 7am still wizzing off those bangers you had hours before. Or you are a techno fiend who grew some balls and wanted to listen to something heavier.
Rock & Roll had sex with a computer. Some people will call this dance music. You can definitely dance to this but to label it in that way misses the point. It is experimental electronica. WTF does that mean? A band that can kick you in the balls. Hard hitting static guitars and punchy bass lines. Great album to piss off the parentals. It’s just noise they will say especially on “Doe Deer”. Vocals are noisy, brash and fast; frantic and at times coma inducing. Crystal Castles have tailored a sound of their own that is hard hitting, in your face, no bars hold hardcore electronic 8 bit at it’s best...

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DJ Shadow - Entroducing

The father of Trip Hop creates a genre defining album. Layers of atmospheric loops with an ability to draw you into a world he has created. This album was a key influence on many bands that were to come in the instrumental hip hop/ trip hop world. This album is easily the best body of work from DJ Shadow. Combined with his talent to create soundscapes this album was a true pioneer of samples and easy listening hip hop. The album easily conjures mental images of DJ shadow rumaging through piles of old records searching for unique loops and samples. Besides the influence it had on trip hop to come it also is a fantastic album in its own right with tight beat management with a sprinkling of loops and a myriad of vocal tracks that creates a concise and tight album...

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