Tom Morello (RATM) on Star Trek Voyager

Tom Morello, of Rage Against the Machine (RATM) fame, stared on the hit (and geeky) show Star Trek Voyager. If you don't like RATM or Star Trek you probably couldn't care less but for the rest of us it is an interesting bit of trivia.

Morello Ripping it up onstage

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Owl Empire Takes Form

Owl Empire has been a long time coming. Over a year the three of us have ummed and argghed our way through many (many!) different decisions regarding this site. Our demographic, our point, what it should look like and how functional it should be. 

Launch day, the significance of today... Today is World Music Day! A great day to launch a music website. Further information regarding World Music Day can be found here.

If you are reading this you have seen the end result. We hope you enjoy your time persuing our site. If there is anything we do that you reckon is swell or something we do really badly, let us know. Either hit us up on the about us page or just annoy us in the comments below as we woud love to hear your thoughts.

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