Cernettes first band pic on the internet hang up the boots

In 1992 the very well known CERN scientific body uploaded the very first band picture to the internet. CERN helped to create the the world wide web that we all know and love. The picture was of the Les Horribles Cernettes, a band created by...

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Random Musical Trivia of Friday The 13th

It is a day known for bad luck in Western superstition. Friday the 13th is seen as so unlucky because it is a mix of a belief in numerology of 13th being an unlucky number, and some also believing Friday being an unlucky day. What has happened musically on Friday the 13th?

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Pandora Internet Radio Back In Australia (Legally)

In February 2007 a workmate sent me a link to the Pandora Internet Radio website and told me to start punching tacks in to see what I could find. He had been using it for a few weeks and was clearly in love with it.

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The Gig Attenders

The Gig Attenders This entry contains all the good, the bad and the ugly types of people you might find at a live gig. Don't be worried if you're one of these listed, I'm sure we all meet the criteria of at least one of these descriptions (preferably the awesome ones).

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Is the Cat Organ the weirdest instrument ever conceived ?

Imagine an organ that forces cats to make sounds. The Cat Organ was an idea thought up in the 1500's to do precisely that...

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