Infographic tracks evolution of Dance music

An Infographic showing the evolution of dance music throughout the world, beautifully showing all the genres.

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Does Spotify want to be the Facebook of music?

Spotify has rolled out some new social features that enable fans to see what bands there favourite artists are listening to. Unfortuntely there are still issues.

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Karen O of Yeah Yeah Yeah's Opera is amazeballs

Karen O, the lead singer of Yeah Yeah Yeahs and her bandmates have created a beautiful Opera that blends amazing music and fashion.

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Donny Benet, is this real life?

Owl Empire once attended a gig where Donny Benet was the supporting act. We were not quite sure what we were watching and listening to. Was this some sort of 50+ year old cruise ship that we accidentally boarded and were watching the live gigs with all these horney widowed old people. Or was it real life?

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Dubstep Christmas Lights

35 000 Christmas lights a computerised light show and Skrillex are the ingredients that a 17 year old boy and his old man used to create this video...

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