About Us

TL;DR (Summary)

Short and waffle free album reviews.Show the best albums, old and new. Highlight long forgotten brilliant albums.
Interesting facts and quirky music related news.
In depth audio technical explanations.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Highlight the best albums of all time. The most influential (not the most popular) albums across all genres and types. An Australian viewpoint but with an international gaze.
  • Music review websites talk a lot of crap. This site cuts the fat. Reminding you of those long forgotten albums that were brilliant but have been lost to the march of time.
  • New and old albums judged with the same viewpoint. No sentimentality.
  • No latest reviews. This site is about the best albums of all time, not the latest albums.

Criteria for OwlEmpire

Our criteria is simple. It must

  • Be an album.
  • Changed the direction of or created a genre of music. It can be a genre defining album Or
    • Be great.
  • Might have explored a new technique, perfected an old one or simply captured a feeling or mood perfectly.


No ads. We don’t make any money off OwlEmpire. We don’t plan on making any money.
Any money we do make will be given to charity

But why albums? The world is about songs right?

Hell no. Good artists create pieces of work with the same articulation and care that goes into making a work of art or a theatre show. An album is more than a mere collection of songs. It is a moment in time. It is an encapsulation of what that artist was thinking and wanted to share with the world. Sometimes tracks flow into each other to create a theme or story that is greater than the individual parts. Other times it doesn’t make any sense and seems to be random chaos. Great albums have meticulously placed songs that transports you to a world that just can’t be experienced in any other medium. Singles, as good as they are can’t do this, they are merely flashes of attention in a torrent of noise.

Why we started this site

We wanted an open vault, a collection of our favourite albums of all time.
We also hated other music reviews that went on for pages and pages. We don’t really care what you were eating while you wrote the review, who your favourite singer is or that your pet is reeeally cute.
We want to know why the album is good and what it compares to. Our reviews aim to have no fancy words and be straight to the point, this is the reason it is good and why it is important. If it doesn’t fill the above objectives, tell us.

Why no rankings? Best 100 or 1000 albums?

What makes a defining album within the Punk genre better or more important than a album that kicked off Rock and Roll? We believe in measuring an album against its peers, not against albums from other genres and time periods. Some albums are crap, some are good and very few are brilliant. We highlight the brilliant.

Why Owls?

Owls are often portrayed in popular culture and mythology as being wise, cunning, nocturnal and associated to thievery. When we were deciding on what name and theme would have the most symbolism for the website, we came to the conclusion that in a sense, we all have symbolic traits of an owl.
We're wise in our taste and selection of music. We're cunning in our delivery of information. We're nocturnal, yeah it's always more fun to play in the dark. And finally we're all thieves in one way or another, whether it be stealing an idea or "downloading MP3s".

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